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Helpful Information

Q. If I choose a higher deductible, will I save money?

A. While it is true that a higher deductible will save you money on your premium, it is not always wise to carry a high deductible. It is important to balance the long term savings with the increased out of pocket expenditure you will have if a claim occurs. If you need to fix your car or home, or have a large medical expense, do you have the resources to pay the deductible you have chosen? Choose the highest deductible you can afford.

Q. I have never had a claim, why did my insurance change?

A. It is important to remember that insurance is designed to spread the risk among a large pool of people. If each person was charged based only on their driving, claims, or medical history, many individuals and families could not afford insurance. As a society, we all work together to ensure that the overall cost of insurance is as affordable as possible for all of us individually and as a whole. If the overall claims cost rises, so will the overall insurance cost. Within auto insurance, those drivers that contribute to raising the cost of claims by having violations and accidents contribute a greater premium than those that do not. It is important to remember that rising medical costs, home prices, car prices, auto repairs, and lawyer involvement in claims all contribute to raising the cost of your insurance as insurance pays these expenses when a loss happens.

Q. Are all companies the same?

A. No, all companies are not the same. It is important to research the insurance agency and company that you choose to do business with. Ask your friends and family for referrals, look up company information on the web or with your State Insurance Department, and ask questions when you talk to an agent. How does the company handle their claims? Do their billing plans fit your budget? Does the company carry a strong rating from A.M. Best ? Know how long the agent and agency has been in business, if they are members of any professional associations, and do they represent a variety of companies or just one?

Q. Is it true that I can save money by dealing directly with an insurance company?

A. Though advertised as the low cost alternative, purchasing insurance by the phone is not necessarily a money saving proposition. Often we find that the savings proclaimed is more a product of advertising than one of fact. It is important to consider that without the assistance of an agent, you are left to make all the decisions yourself. If you have a problem, who works for you? If you have a claim, who would you rather rely on - a stranger on the phone or a real live person paid by you, to represent you? How do you replace the experience and expertise that an agent brings you and your family?

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